About Us

The founder of The Thai Freemason is an active Mason from the States named Jim.  He was an expat in Asia for a number of years where he had the pleasure of visiting lodges in numerous countries.  Most of the time, he was able to find information on the lodges in a given country through the internet.

However upon arriving in Thailand in 2001, Jim discovered that it was very difficult to find anything about the Masonic community in the kingdom.  None of the lodges had web pages or any online presence.  It was only through an accidental chat with a friend and Mason from Hong Kong that he was able to discover one lodge.  Visiting that lodge he heard about others and so he gradually began to unveil the beauties of Thai Freemasonry.

Even though he later affiliated with a lodge and was on the ‘inside’ of Thai Freemasonry, he remembered his initial frustration.  Thus, The Thai Freemason web site was born in 2004 with Jim as the Tyrannical Webmaster.  It’s aim was to help visiting or relocating Masons learn more about local lodges.  The site also had an unexpected the side effect of helping the curious learn more about Freemasonry.  Through queries on the site, Jim was able to steer dozens of men to lodges where they petitioned and eventually became Master Masons.

However, since the site was not approved by any lodge, district grand lodge or grand lodge, it was initially viewed with suspicion by the local brethren.  But gradually as more visitors and prospective members found their lodges, they were won over.  Some of the lodges became active contributors to the site.

The Thai Freemason remains an active and independent voice promoting Freemasonry within the kingdom of Thailand.